Ballroom Dance

American Style Specialty

Competitor for 3 years, Instructor for 10 years

 Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango 

 Club Salsa, Bachata, & Merengue

 Rumba, Cha Cha, Bolero

 Triple Swing & Jitterbug

Viennese Waltz & Quickstep

Hustle & West Coast Swing

Bride/Groom First Dance Instruction

Bride/Groom    Father/Daughter    Mother/Son

Bridal Party ShowDance​

Ruth McConnell

"The arts are a challenging and under-appreciated field. However, I believe very deeply in the importance of creative work for individuals/communities and for social change. We need more art in the world - not merely for entertainment, but for the well-being of our communities, to reconnect to the self, and to foster a more universal and inclusive language. Being an artist is a constant risk, but one that is well worth the moments of inspiration that allow us to create, perform, share, teach and inspire.​"


My focus is to empower, educate and motivate positive changes in clients' lives using dance as a tool. I believe that dance is a transformative language through which a deep expression of individual and collective stories and empowerment can emerge.
I offer classes and workshops in contemporary and traditional foundations, as well as other forms of dance and movement classes including conditioning for dancers and cultural dance classes of diverse backgrounds.
I hope to create a space that celebrates dance as art, and as part of traditional and contemporary culture.


Competitive Collegiate Ballroom Dance Team

2008-2011,   2016 - current alumna member

Professional Experience

  • Collegiate DanceSport credit class instructor

University of Delaware

  • Social evening adult class instructor

University of Delaware – American style only​

  • Competitor in multiple DanceSport events

University of Delaware representative

  • Guest instructor at varying bar/club settings

Wilmington, DE  and  Newark, DE

– Latin style only

  • Social evening adult class instructor

Cecil College

– American and International styles 

  • Weekly Ballroom instructor

Delaware Arts Conservatory

– Primarily American style 

  • Full-time Group & Private Lesson instructor

 BlueBallRoom in Wilmington, DE

  • Variety Ballroom Blitz Champion Coach, 2011

  • Wedding Dance Specialist since 2011

  • Self-Employed Dance Instructor since 2015

  • Platinum Pole Awards Judge 2017

My goal with Ballroom & Blues aims to support and cultivate blues dancing in Delaware by offering both new and seasoned dancers opportunities to learn, enjoy great music, and have fun on the dance floor.


Blues is a fun, creative, and expressive style of dance that can be done to music in a wide variety of styles and tempos, including high energy Chicago blues, slinky jazz blues, and soulful Delta blues. First developed alongside jazz and blues music during the early 20th century, blues dancing prospered over the years in small, intimate venues like juke joints and house parties, then gained new popularity more recently with the revival of Lindy hop. Modern blues dance is based on vintage styles like Slow Drag and often borrows elements from other dances, like Lindy hop, West Coast Swing, and Argentine tango. Blues is constantly evolving, but is grounded in the fundamentals of partner connection, pulse, improvisation, and musicality.

Marc Longhenry

Marc began dancing East Coast Swing in the fall of 2010 at University of Delaware at the request of a friend, playing video games in most of his free time. The dancing bug quickly dug deep and it didn't take long for Marc to begin traveling up to Philadelphia to LaB's many dances and gradually expanding his repetoire to include Lindyhop, Charleston, Balboa, Hiphop, Tango, Salsa, Fusion, and his love, the Blues.


Marc now contributes to the Philadelphia community as a LaBTech, the Ringleader of Powerhouse Blues, and a regular Teacher and DJ. He travels to events nearly every month of the year to connect with the national and international dancing community, to grow and learn to better himself and those around him, and to have fun and experience the world. This, and the commitment that he is for the dancing community, shows up in the way he dances, the way he teaches his classes, the way he competes, and the way he interacts with students.


Marc also runs events, offers private lessons, and travels around to provide benefit to various communities. If you're interested in contacting him about private lessons or other services, please visit his website: www.MarcLonghenry.com

Photo Credit - Devon Rowland Photography
Mike & Amanda

Our names are Amanda Salay and Mike McDermott and we are primarily trained in the Lindy Hop style of Swing Dancing. Some of our favorite lessons to teach focus on musicality and breaking down the technique of partner dancing. We are also trained in Solo Jazz/Solo Charleston and love to find everyone's personal style.

Our dancing journey began at the University of Delaware five years ago and we have now been teaching together for four years in Philadelphia, Lancaster and Newark (DE). We are also competitive dancers and have competed and danced along the east coast in many states including New York, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. We have also traveled out of the country to Canada and Ireland to dance! 


We really love teaching and are excited to share our knowledge and passion of Swing Dancing with you!


Whaddup! I’m Mike and I primarily lead in Lindy Hop. I got tricked into dancing back in 2013 at the University of Delaware. I first fell in love with all the friendly people at the Swing Club there and then I fell in love with the dance. I have been Lindy Hopping for five years but have dabbled in almost every form of partnered dance I could find. I have been teaching for over four years, usually in Delaware, Philadelphia, and Lancaster.


My favorite things to teach are connection, fundamentals, and most of all just messing around. I love to break down moves on a mechanical level to get to the nitty gritty of partner dancing, or just find ways to make the dance as fun as it should be. I value dancing clearly, comfortably, and in a way that makes you feel connected with our partner.


My name is Amanda Salay and I am a primary follower in the style of Lindy Hop. I am also trained in solo Jazz/ solo Charleston. My style includes a lot of rhythmic variations in both solo and partnered dancing. I place a lot of importance on musicality and connection with your partner and really just having the most fun possible during a dance. I have danced in many cities along the east coast, in Canada and in Ireland. I have been teaching Lindy Hop for 4 years and have taught in Lancaster, Philadelphia and Newark (DE). I have taught large groups, individuals, and couples. I also have experience creating group, couple and solo choreographies. In addition, I am a competitive dancer and have been competing for 5 years. I really love this dance and being able to share my knowledge to anyone who would like to learn!  

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