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For clarification, we do allow visitors to take classes.  The drop-in rate for visitors to take one class is $20.  This is a great way to try a class before joining as a member.  If you decide to join as a member after you have already paid the $20 drop-in, we will credit that money toward your initial registration if you join that same day.


Individual students may also elect to purchase a Paid-in-Full (PIF) membership which consists of 24 classes with one year expiration.  Paid-in-Full memberships are always subject to the most current pricing. 

Platinum members can take UNLIMITED classes at their level only. 

Platinum members are not allowed to participate in the classes above their level.



Class Rollover: as long as you remain an active member, we will rollover all unused class credits in your account to the following month.  There's no need to panic if you miss a class for any reason. The class is credited to your account for a later, more convenient time. If you don’t use it before the end of the month, we’ll simply roll it over to the next month and will keep doing so with no expiration for as long as you renew your membership. 


Price Guarantee: While your account remains active, you shall never experience a price increase for group classes. We agree to charge you only the fees you signed up for.  So, if you registered for classes in September 2016, you will keep the 2016 pricing for as long as you remain active.


Our Studio only accepts payment through an automated payment system. Monies are withdrawn on the first of every month from either a credit card, debit card, or checking account.


Classes may not be shared with or transfered to others.


There is no long-term commitment associated with Membership. You may hold or cancel your membership at any time with a seven-day written notice prior to the first of the next month. You’re also free to upgrade or downgrade your Membership level at any time. For example, if you register initially for Silver level and you would like to downgrade to Bronze level of one class series per month, just provide seven-day written notice prior to the first of the next month (consult the membership agreement for accepted methods of correspondence). 


Other benefits to active membership:

  • $10 Admission to most  Parties (FREE for Platinum)

  • FREE Admission to weekly practice sessions to rehearse material learned in class ($15/hour value)

  • 10% discount on all retail merchandise (Platinum Only)

  • Discounts on select workshops

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