Quick Guide to Level Descriptions:

BEG/Advanced BEG (lvl 1-2) – You are not necessarily confident on the dance floor. You want to improve your techniques and add more patterns to your WCS. The pace of instruction will be Slow/Medium.

Confident BEG/INT (lvl 3-4) – For confident dancers with ample experience in workshops and social dancing, comfortable with music and rhythm.


Open-Level workshops are supplemental to your learning and are not meant to replace private lessons and/or classes. They will not only include spinning, extension patterns but also more complex lead/follow techniques, styling and musical interpretation. The pace of instruction will be Medium/Fast.

High INT/ADVANCED (lvl 5-6) – The pace of instruction will be fast and demanding (instructor approval required to attend these workshops/classes, maximum 12 couples)

OPEN LEVEL – For dancers of all skill levels. Workshops will be fun but challenging and will be aimed at all dancers who wish to improve and refresh their skills.

Note on Group Classes:
  • Drop-ins are only accepted on first day of series, at $20 per person.
  • Late enrollment is allowed up to the second day of class
    - if applicable, previously paid drop-in fee is credited toward the cost of the series.
  • Questions are welcome after class, up to ten minutes.
No partner necessary for any classes.

Instructor Approval Required for all levels above Advanced Beginner.

Having dancers of similar ability levels in the same class helps us make sure that everyone has a great time and gets the maximum out of each course.

Our emphasis is on having fun and playing with the music, rather than wild, gyrating acrobatics. However, dancing always involves some exertion. At higher levels, we expect you to be in good health and reasonably fit.  
Unless otherwise noted, all series are four consecutive weeks at one hour for $65.
Practice 'Party' 
Clock that practice time!

Practice for you with better application in dancing with students of varying levels.​ No new concepts will be taught. Public welcome.

West Coast Swing 2pm Sunday, May 26th $10

High Intermediate, WCS 5 
For the ambitious dancer

Time to slow it down and choose your style! The dance's smooth and sometimes sexy quality allows for a large range of freedom of expression and lyricism. This allows couples to choose whether to have a "fun" or "intimate" style of dance.

No class series scheduled at this time.

Development Workshops
Open-Level West Coast Swing

In my courses, I do my best to create an atmosphere that is focused yet relaxed and fun so that all students have space to unwind, drop into their bodies, let go of worries and stress, and reconnect with themselves and each other. Learning doesn't have to be hard work... I prefer it to be a joyful experience!

The better you get, the more fun it is for your partner, not just you. My classical training from the world's best is formatted to serve you to the maximum in the allotted time for workshops, which are not intended to replace group class series but supplement them. Concepts seem to "click" with students here.

Tuesday, March 6th      Connection is Key
Friday, March 9th         Quality of Movement
Tuesday, March 13th    Leader Secrets
Friday, March 16th       Follower Secrets
Tuesday, March 20th    'Whip it Good'
Friday, March 23rd       Creating Style
Tuesday, March 27th    Developing Patterns
Friday, March 30th       Practicing on Your Own

Spins & Turns by request within the workshop

Single-day Drop In, $20 per person, $70 for four, $130 for all eight

Class is 55 Minutes

May 12, 2019


Brand New Beginner Lindy Hop

We will be starting from the very basics of Lindy Hop, first with how to move yourself and then how to move your partner. From there we will go over the basic 6 count footwork using both single steps and triple steps. Once everyone is comfortable with that, we will add on a couple turns and spins to give some fun variety to your dance. This will all be done while we listen and dance to the same music that inspired the originators of this dance back in the 1930's!

May 19, 2019


Advanced Beginner Lindy Hop

In this class we will be building off of everything that was went over in the previous Lindy Hop Class 1. We will be introducing 8 count footwork and show some cool moves and sequences that can be done with it. Then we will show how you can seamlessly switch between both 6 count moves and 8 count moves so you can do both on the dance floor.

May 26, 2019


Confident Beginner Lindy Hop

This dance would be nothing without the music that inspired it. In this class we will be going over the structure of swing music and how you can interact with the music itself. This will be done by covering some common patterns found in swing music and translate them into fun footwork variations. We will also look at some fun solo jazz movements and show how you can implement them into your partner dancing. 

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Minimum of six,  Sun-Sat daytime.
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